Monday, 13 June 2011

Race #2 is Complete - Screw You Breast Cancer

10 km done! 1 hour 3 minutes and 24 seconds
Well Race #2 is COMPLETE!! It went pretty well - I ran my 10 km in 1 hour 3 minutes and 24 seconds. It wasn't exactly the time I had hoped for. I was aiming for under 1 hour, but I ended up being relatively close. The humidity on Saturday held me back a bit. The weather man had been calling for rain on race day (which I probably would have preferred) but instead the rain held out and the humidity set in. My performance is really heavily influenced by the conditions, heat and humidity tend to elevate my heart rate, which means I need to slow my pace down to compensate. I am still pretty happy with my performance over-all, and hopefully with more training this summer I will be able to reach my goal pace for my half marathon in the fall.

Me and my survivor Mom (and genetic predecessor)
The race itself was smaller than my last one, in terms of turn-out. I would guess that approximately 100 people participated in the 2 races (5 km and 10 km). It was held in Bronte Provincial Park, so the course navigated a 5 km route of trails, and those running the 10 km race needed to do a double loop. I personally am not a fan of the double loop - I definitely find it messes with your head a bit, but the trails made for nice scenic run. My only other complaint was a serious lack of water stations. There was only one water station in the entire loop, and hydration is a must for me, especially when my body is battling overheating. So I would definitely request more water stations, and maybe a few more volunteers to make that possible.

This race was less of a charity event, and much more of a Running Room event - so the whole "breast cancer spirit thing" was not as strong as I hoped. But our crew was definitely representing in our pink, even Clark got in on the action. This run did draw in some amazing runners, which for an amateur like myself was amazing to see. For some reason a professional runner from Zimbabwe was doing a tour of the Hamilton/Burlington area and he ran his 10 km 3 min slower than I run my 5 km! CRAZY FAST!! He obviously won. So overall the experience was great, I ran a good race and I was able to do some fundraising along the way. I ended up raising $565.00 for an amazing local non-for-profit - Breast Cancer Support Services. This agency plays a very important role for women who have been diagnosed Breast Cancer by offering vital counselling services and mentoring programs provided by survivors. Breast Cancer Support Services spreads the valuable message that there is life after cancer, so I am extremely happy I was able to support them this weekend. Thanks so much to everyone who sponsored me in this run - the money is going to a great cause!

Both sides of my genetic makeup
More than anything else this race was just important for me to do for me. My body and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship - and these days I have been leaning a little more towards the hate-side of things. With all my various genetic pitfalls it is easy to feel like my body has let me down. I feel like it is just always something. At times over the last 8 years it has felt like I have been fighting an uphill battle - and it to be honest it would be nice to just coast for a little while. I appreciate my health and my body so much when I am healthy, but when I hit these snags I feel like I can't get ahead. By accomplishing my 10 km and moving towards my goal of a half marathon, I am reminded to be thankful everyday for the way my body serves me. I have a healthy body, and as much as my latest genetic setback can be frustrating, by dealing with it today I will be able to have my health for years to come. This race has reminded me to be grateful for the strength and power that my body possesses, and to express my gratitude everyday by nurturing the body I have been given (genetic failures and all) through healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle.

So on that note...Screw you Breast Cancer! You are definitely messing with the wrong girl!
Love your favourite Darwinian Failure,