Sunday, 5 June 2011

Getting Crafty 1 Week Before Race Day

I have been doing a lot of running lately, and I am really trying to up my distances. Today I ran my first 15 km - which is my longest distance to date! As my distances increase I find the struggle tends to be more with my mind than with my body. You have to convince yourself that you are not tired, and that you are just as excited to run at kilometer 14 as you were during the first kilometer. So my latest and greatest running mantra is "F You Genetics!". This may seem kind of harsh, but it really helps me kick it up a notch! When my body starts to fatigue I just keep thinking that by running hard and long I am beating genetics. I treat every workout like a battle, and it is a battle I plan to WIN!

My next race is only 1 week away - the 10 km Healing Run for Breast Cancer on Saturday June 11th. This is a very literal interpretation of my current battle. I plan to beat that 10 km with an amazing time and a fabulous run. And I plan to beat Breast Cancer by keeping my body healthy and turning a negative situation in a positive by fundraising for the local Breast Cancer Support Services organization. (if you want to join the fight, please sponsor me at its a great cause!)
Supplies are prepped

To prepare for next weekend - along with lots of training and proper nutrition I wanted to do something fun and crafty! So I took a trip to the local craft supply stores, and channeled my inner Martha Stewart!

Let's get started!
With all my supplies at hand I wanted to share my message with all the other runners at next week's race. Sharing my new running mantra is meant to help keep my own energy up during the race and hopefully inspire others to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I just didn't feel the mass produced breast cancer T's evoked my sassy message. I am stronger than my genetic predisposition and I refuse to sit back allow my health to be dictated. So with a pink T-shirt and a few iron-on fuzzy letters I decided that I would not allow this latest genetic set back to destroy my health or my spirit. My message will be displayed loud and proud next weekend. "Cancer I am stronger than you!" "Genetics I am mightier than you!" And "I am tougher than this situation". So Bring It!

Enough Said...