Friday, 8 April 2011

Friday Cupcake Fun!

For me April signifies the beginning of the many celebrations that take place over the summer. April is the beginning of the spring birthday rush (famous in my family), not to mention the beginning of many wedding showers, baby showers, and actual weddings that I am invited to over the course of the next 6 months! (Tis' that season in life for me I guess haha). There seems to be a reason to celebrate every weekend, which is fabulous for my social life...but less fabulous for the waist line. I am also the resident baker in the family, pies and cupcakes are my specialities.

Busy Busy Baker!
This weekend is my husband's birthday - so a nice dinner and a little dessert is a MUST. I absolutely adore baking! It always feels so decadent to spend an afternoon baking - because it is not something you have to do, it is something you choose to do. I find baking very relaxing - almost meditative. When I set out to bake I loose track of time and all my worries just seem to fall away. I think I really enjoy making something special for my friends and family (and the little sugar fix probably doesn't hurt either). So, I spent the afternoon making him these Westie Cupcakes (recipe courtesy of "Hello Cupcakes" The Westie cupcake is the poster child for their first cookbook, and one of the reasons I bought it. As you can see we have a fabulous little westie of our own, named Clark! I spent the afternoon trying to capture his essence, while Clark spent the afternoon trying to capture a cupcake for himself! Check out my handy work below!
Clark in a cupcake!
Can you see the resemblance?
These cupcakes are by no means healthy, nor would they ever be categorized as diet. (*A lot of icing was used to create the fur!) This is where my 80/20 ratio comes into effect! If I ate all of the delicious treats, desserts, and heavy meals that I will be presented with over the next few months I am confident I would be as big as a house before the summer is over. So picking and choosing what kind of treats I really want to indulge in is going to be important during Celebration Season. So I am going to do my best to maintain a healthy balance, and I will keep you posted on how that all goes!

These cupcakes fall strictly under the category of PLEASURE and BLISS! (*Remember you always have to have a little of that is your life too if you want to lead a truly healthy life!)

Hope your weekend is full of fun and I will talk to everyone soon!
Love your favourite Darwinian fail,